The Comfit Drop Foot Orthosis

The Comfit AFO is a drop foot orthosis designed for modern lives. It is technically innovative, thoroughly tested, and builds on a zero-compromise design. In daily use the orthosis delivers excellent aid and durability – and most importantly, it will improve your gait.

Key Features & Benefits of the Orthosis

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A next generation drop foot orthosis

An ideal AFO should be a superior aid, but also designed to adapt to life in all its different shapes. Functionality, aesthetics, and discretion are keywords. It has been our goal to design a product that meets these criteria, fulfilling the needs of the modern human being and as well as highest professional standards. We believe to have reached the goal, with a zero-compromise device.

Unique Construction Ensures Minimal Skin Friction

The spiral form addresses the important issue of avoiding movement of the device on the lower part of the leg. For most users, movements will be uncomfortable, causing heat and skin irritation. For some, e.g. diabetes patients, it is critical to minimize friction on extra sensitive skin. The unique construction keeps the fixture-band in a steady and gentle position.

Carbon-fibre. Flexibility & Robustness

Choosing the right material is pivotal in creating flexibility and robustness at the same time. Our solution: The patented carbon-fibre spiral construction. The carbon fibres are layered in a unique structure, that ensures the exact right strength and flexibility at every point. At the same time, the strenght of carbon-fibre achieves a possible weight of only app. 120 grams.

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Gentle Towards Foot-wear

All surfaces are smooth and rounded, to achieve a soft fit. This ensures that clothing moves naturally around the leg, and importantly, that the Comfit AFO integrates elegantly and gently with footwear. Result: Minimal wear-and-tear.

A Pleasure for the Eye

We have taken much care in designing a product with aesthetic value. We believe that an orthosis should be worth showing and a pleasure to look at. The simple design, materialized in the polished carbon-fibre material, creates an elegant look and feel that will please the user every day.


Extremely light-weight

What is not always noted when trying a drop-foot orthosis, is the high importance of low weight. During the stretch of a days use, even small variations in weight have significant impact on the overall feel of a clearly noticeable or practically unnoticed experience. The carbon fibre, and in specific the unique layering of the individual fibres, achieves a possible weight of only app. 120 grams.



See The Comfit AFO in Use

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Smooth Fit

The Comfit AFO comes in 10 different variations, suitable for all types of needs. The correct size is chosen in the same way as chosing footwear: a combination of width an length.

Width: The AFO comes in two widths – regular and extra wide. Regular will fit most users. Extra wide provides more space for a more protrudent skeletal structure in the malleole. The extra wide version is developed for individuals with conditions causing increased ankle diameter.

Length: The AFO comes in two lengths – short and long. Short is shoesizes ≤ EU-42. Long is shoe sizes ≥ EU-43.

Individual adaption for the ten different available combinations is easily achieved by sanding the front part of the orthosis until desired size and shape is reached.

See ‘Purchase’ section for detailed information on article numbers and delivery.

Target users

The Comfit AFO directly targets patients diagnosed with: Half-side paralysis, e.g. due to stroke (Hemi-paresis), and non-spastic paresis and no increased muscle tension.

A proven and tested device

The Comfit AFO has been demonstrated how to merge the vital aspects of an ideal drop foot orthosis. Thousands of users prefer the Comfit AFO. The orthosis is patented as well as CE approved.

Professionals Enjoy a Series of Benefits

As a result of the functional and aesthetic qualities of the Comfit AFO, the professionals providing and fitting the orthosis enjoy a range of extra benefits.


Purchase the Comfit AFO

The Comfit AFO is sold in a multitude of orthopedic clinics throughout Scandinavia. For more information on how to purchase or distribute the Comfit AFO, please contact the distributor in your local market.

Purchase of the Comfit AFO in all countries

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About Comfit

Comfit develops orthopedic devices that raise the bar.
Superior functionality and aesthetic quality is our goal.

Comfit Restore A/S is a Danish medico company founded in 2001 by Henrik Spang Andersen. With more than 30 years of experience as orthopedic engineers (CPOs) in own clinics as well as engagements in product development, we specialize in developing orthopedic devices.

With our products we wish to change the way orthopedics are developed. We introduce a philosophy where function, design and a dynamic approach to life are not mutually exclusive – they are pre-requisites. Orthopedic devices should raise the bar in regards to functionality, as well as being highly aesthetic.


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